Camping Tips

  1. Tired of trying to get the trash bag out of the container? Drill a hole 4-5 inches from the bottom to reduce the suction when you pull the bag out of the container
  2. Twist your plastic water/soda containers to remove the air and volume.  Quickly put        the cap on.  This gives you more room in your trash container and helps land fills.
  3. Ask the name of the county and write it on the business card from the RV park for weather/disaster issues.  Keep it in your RV in case of emergency.  You may wish to keep an extra one in the car.
  4. Carry a package of balloons when you travel.  Blow one up and place it inside a garment hanging  on a shower rod.  The air circulates better helping the item dry faster.
  5. Ask for senior discounts at all businesses.  You can get a list on line but do not hesitate to ask if the company is not listed.  Not every location has the same discount or deal.
  6. Save perfume magazine inserts to put  in your drawers and closet.
  7.  Buy a small inflatable kiddy pool, pack it with ice and keep food/beverages cold at a camp out.
  8. Ask a postal worker for directions.
  9. Put a wooden clothes pin at the end of your gutter rail to keep water from running    down the side of your rig.
  10. Buy a few plastic suction cups with hooks to install inside your shower on the wall.  Hang wet towels, raincoats, etc. on them

  This list will be updated periodically. Feel free to send us your favorite tips so we can so we can share them with other RVer’s.